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OTRU Update: Waterpipe Use in Ontario

As waterpipe use has increased around the world, it has become a growing public health concern. This update examines the latest population survey data about the prevalence of waterpipe use in Ontario, patterns of use, beliefs and attitudes about use and its relationship to use of other tobacco products.

Read the update: Waterpipe Use in Ontario

New Study Findings

Students Who Only Smoke Marijuana Outperform Classmates Who Smoke Cigarettes and Pot

In one of the largest, long-term studies of substance co-use among teens, Dalla Lana School of Public Health researchers including OTRU scientist, Dr. Michael Chaiton, examined trends of tobacco and marijuana use from 1981 to 2011 and found that marijuana smokers receive higher grades than those who smoke both substances. The study, published in the Journal of School Health’s March issue, analyzed self-report survey data from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey, including a total of 38,331 students in grades 7, 9 and 11.

Press Release | Journal Article (abstract)

OTRU Update: An Update on Varenicline Use in Ontario

Varenicline is currently funded as a Limited Use Benefit on the Ontario Drug Benefit Formulary. However, little is known about who uses varenicline and how use has changed over time in Ontario. This update explores use of varenicline in Ontario using data from OTRU’s Ontario Tobacco Survey.

Read the update: An Update on Varenicline Use in Ontario

Evaluation News: OTRU’s Evaluation Guidance and Support Project Volume 7, Issues 3 and 4

These newsletters provide information about the activities and progress of OTRU’s Evaluation and Guidance and Support Project and highlights selected current requests.

Read the newsletters: OTRU’s Evaluation Guidance and Support Project Volume 7, Issue 3 and OTRU’s Evaluation Guidance and Support Project Volume 7, Issue 4

OTRU Infographic: Quitting Smoking in Ontario

Facts about quitting smoking based on innovative OTRU research.

Click here to view a larger version and the references.


Smokers’ Panel Recruitment

The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, in collaboration with the Ontario Lung Association and several partner service agencies, launched a confidential Smokers’ Panel to gather information from current and former smokers that will help to develop future tobacco programs and services. Read the Press Release | Go to the Smokers’ Panel website

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Core Activities

Our research activities produce evidence-based knowledge that contributes to the development of effective and efficient program and policy initiatives for tobacco control in Ontario and elsewhere.
Knowledge Exchange
Our integrated program of knowledge translation and exchange includes ongoing communications with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and other tobacco control stakeholders, and development and dissemination of a variety of knowledge translation and exchange resources.

Evaluation and Monitoring
Our work in evaluation examines the progress of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy and assesses the contributions of individual interventions to overall tobacco strategy goals.
Capacity Building
We provide a variety of training opportunities because we recognize that involving students and graduates early in their careers is an essential strategy in developing the next generation of researchers and practitioners in tobacco control.