Prohibition of Tobacco Sales In Specific Places – 2011 Monitoring Update




February 2011

Type of Report

Monitoring Update


Comprehensive tobacco control includes prohibition of tobacco sales in specific places in order to decrease the physical availability of tobacco products. A key aspect of availability is outlet density, meaning how many places sell tobacco per unit of population or geographic area. Studies show an association between greater outlet density, higher likelihood of youth smoking and higher overall smoking prevalence. This update reviews the prohibition of tobacco sales in specific places by provincial, territorial and federal jurisdictions in Canada. Details of recent Ontario actions are reviewed. Since July 1, 2010, Ontario has required new tobacco retailers to obtain a provincial tobacco retail permit under the provincial Tobacco Tax Act. There is no fee for this provincial permit. Tobacco retailers already in existence before July 1, 2010, were grandfathered and not required to obtain the permit. Tobacco retailers on First Nations reserves are exempt from the requirement to obtain the permit. Ontario municipalities are authorized to require and charge a fee for a tobacco retail license. The Update also highlights international recommendations and progress in other countries.

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