2013 Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy Monitoring Report – Full Report




January 2014

Type of Report

Strategy Monitoring Report


Click here for the 2015 Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy Monitoring Report

The Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy is a comprehensive tobacco control program involving a broad coalition of partners including provincial and local governments, boards of health, voluntary health organizations, hospitals, and universities. This report presents evaluative information about the activities and results of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy and describes Strategy infrastructure and interventions, analyzes population-level changes, and explores the contributions of interventions. With the Strategy renewal, the Government has established new structures for guiding Strategy implementation and taken significant steps to strengthen tobacco control. Recent initiatives include hospital and workplace based cessation demonstration projects, and school-based pilots. These activities complement ongoing initiatives, including a variety of supports for smokers who want to quit, and a province-wide social marketing campaign. To further understanding of Strategy challenges and accomplishments, the report includes assessments of changes in the social climate and public support for tobacco control measures.

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