John Garcia

Principal Investigator

University of Waterloo

John Garcia is the Associate Director of Professional Graduate Programs and Professor of Practice in the School of Public Health and Health systems at the University of Waterloo.

Dr. Garcia has held several senior positions over the years at the Ontario Ministry of Health, Cancer Care Ontario, Health Canada, OTRU and at Prospect Associates in the United States as Technical Vice President, and Project Director of the American Stop Smoking Intervention Study (ASSIST) Coordinating Center, a multi-state tobacco control program. He was instrumental in the development of the original Ontario Tobacco Strategy (OTS) at the Ministry of Health in the early 1990s. His training in evaluation, knowledge exchange and his lengthy involvement in comprehensive tobacco control programs equip him well for his role as Principal Investigator at OTRU. Dr. Garcia holds a MSc in Health Behaviour and a PhD in Health Promotion from the University of Waterloo.

Competing Interest Statement

Dr. Garcia has no contractual, grant, or other financial relationship with the tobacco or pharmaceutical industry. Being active in tobacco control and other aspects of public health practice, he engages in collaborative projects regularly with scientists, policy makers, and practitioners in public, private, and voluntary sector organizations.

Selected Publications

Bondy, Susan J.; Victor, J. Charles; Diemert, Lori M.; Mecredy, Graham C.; Chaiton, Michael; Brown, K. Stephen; Cohen, Joanna E.; McDonald, Paul W.; Ferrence, Roberta; Garcia, John; Selby, Peter; Schwartz, Robert. Transitions in smoking status over time in a population-based panel study of smokers. Nicotine and Tobacco Research 2013 Feb 12.

Hayward, L.; Lambraki, Irene; Pieters, Karen; Garcia, John. Using Social Networking Technologies to Engage Young Adults in Smoking Cessation.Toronto: Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC), October 2012.

Pirrie, M.; McGrath, H.; Garcia, John; Lambraki, Irene; Pieters, Karen. Literature Review: Workplace Tobacco Cessation Initiatives for Young Adults. Waterloo, ON: Propel Centre for Population Health Impact, University of Waterloo, March 2012.

Ip, David; Cohen, Joanna E.; Bondy, Susan J.; Chaiton, Michael; Selby, Peter; Schwartz, Robert; McDonald, Paul W.; Garcia, John; Ferrence, Roberta. Do components of current “hardcore smoker” definitions predict quitting behaviour? Addiction 2012 Feb;107(2):434-440.

Stich C, Garcia J. Analysis of the Young Adult Ontario Workforce: Identifying Points of Intervention for Smoking Cessation within the Young Adult (Age 20–34) Workforce. A Special Report by the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit. Toronto, Canada: Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, 2011.

Schwartz R, Garcia JM. Intervention Path Contribution Analysis (IPCA) for Complex Strategy Evaluation: Evaluating the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy. In Forss K, Marra M, Schwartz R, eds. Evaluating the Complex: Attribution, Contribution, and Beyond. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction, 2011: 187-208.