Rita Luk

Research Officer

Dalla Lana School of Public Health
155 College Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 3M7

Phone: (416) 978-6930
Fax: (416) 946-0340


Rita Luk is a Research Officer at the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, working primarily on the economics of tobacco control. She currently manages and maintains the relational database that supports the online Tobacco Informatics Monitoring System (TIMS), produces timely descriptive statistics from tobacco use and health population surveys on demand, tracks tobacco incidents in movies and its economic and health impact on youth.

Rita conducted data analysis for the Evaluation of Workplace-based Cessation Demonstration Projects, provided research support on a cost-effectiveness study of smoking cessation programs in Ontario, estimated the magnitude of contraband cigarette consumption and its impact on tax revenues, analyzed the economic impact of smoke-free legislation and estimated the mortality, morbidity and the economic costs of smoking. Rita has an MA in Economics from Concordia University followed by PhD studies.

Current and Recent Projects
Selected Publications

Luk R and Schwartz R. Youth Exposure to Tobacco in Movies in Ontario, Canada: 2004-2014. OTRU Special Report. Toronto, ON: Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, September 2015.

Luk R, Cohen JE, Ferrence R, McDonald PW, Schwartz R, Bondy SJ. Prevalence and correlates of purchasing contraband cigarettes on First Nations reserves in Ontario, Canada. Addiction 2009 Mar;104(3):488-95.

Luk R, Ferrence R, Gmel G. The economic impact of a smoke-free bylaw on restaurant and bar sales in Ottawa, Canada. Addiction 2006 May;101(5):738-45.

OTRU. Cigarette Brand Family Preferences in Ontario. OTRU Update. Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, Toronto, October 2007.

Luk, R, Ferrence, R. The economic impact of smoke-free legislation on the hospitality industry. OTRU Special Report Series. Toronto: Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, 2005.