October 2016 Current Abstracts

The following is a monthly list of selected journal articles and reports on tobacco topics. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. We try to choose titles of interest to our tobacco control network, but we realize that there are many relevant articles that are not listed.

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The relationship between smoking during pregnancy and obesity in the offspring has been emerging.  This article calculates the population attributable risk in three countries and finds that smoking during pregnancy is an attributable cause of over 5% of childhood obesity in Canada. Baumung, Rehm and colleagues argue that not enough is known about the harms of nicotine itself and that we may be underestimating the risk.

Chaiton M, Holloway A. Population attributable risk of smoking during pregnancy on obesity in offspring. Canadian Journal of Public Health 2016;107(3):336. freeicon

Hot Topics

This month, the Canadian Cancer Society released their report on cancer in Canada demonstrating the high burden of cancer due to tobacco use and the impact on cancer of declining tobacco use. A case study in the New England Journal of Medicine reported injuries caused by exploding e-cigarettes.  A representative study of tobacco users found that first use of a flavoured tobacco product was associated with being a current tobacco user and lower likelihood of making a quit attempt.

Cancer Mortality–Canada
Canadian Cancer Society’s Advisory Committee on Cancer Statistics. Canadian Cancer Statistics 2016. Toronto, ON; 2016. freeicon
Brownson EG, Thompson CM, Goldsberry S, Chong HJ, Friedrich JB, Pham TN, et al. Explosion injuries from e-cigarettes. New England Journal of Medicine 2016 Oct 6;375(14):1400-2.
Flavoured Tobacco
Smith DM, Bansal-Travers M, Huang J, Barker D, Hyland AJ, Chaloupka F. Association between use of flavoured tobacco products and quit behaviours: findings from a cross-sectional survey of US adult tobacco users. Tobacco Control 2016 Oct 5 [Epub ahead of print].


Greenhill R, Dawkins L, Notley C, Finn MD, Turner JJD. Adolescent awareness and use of electronic cigarettes: A review of emerging trends and findings. Journal of Adolescent Health 2016 Sep 29 [Epub ahead of print].
Harm Reduction
Lindson-Hawley N, Hartmann-Boyce J, Fanshawe TR, Begh R, Farley A, Lancaster T. Interventions to reduce harm from continued tobacco use. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2016, Issue 10. Art. No.: CD005231. freeicon
Schauer GL, Rosenberry ZR, Peters EN. Marijuana and tobacco co-administration in blunts, spliffs, and mulled cigarettes: a systematic literature review. Addictive Behaviors 2016 Sep 13;64:200-11 [Epub ahead of print].
Socioeconomic Status
Casetta B, Videla AJ, Bardach A, Morello P, Soto N, Lee K, et al. Association between cigarette smoking prevalence and income level: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Nicotine &Tobacco Research 2016 Sep 27 [Epub ahead of print].

Recent Work by Canadian Researchers Canadian flag denotes Canadian Content

Mammen G, Rehm J, Rueda S. Vaporizing cannabis through e-cigarettes: prevalence and socio-demographic correlates among Ontario high school students. Canadian Journal of Public Health 2016 Oct 20;107(3):337-8. freeicon
Genetics–Smoking Cessation
Chenoweth MJ, Tyndale RF. Pharmacogenetic optimization of smoking cessation treatment. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 2016Oct 3 [Epub ahead of print].
Nicotine Dependence
Ma E, Brown N, Alshaikh B, Slater D, Yusuf K. Comparison of the Fagerström Test for cigarette dependence and the Heaviness of Smoking Index in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 2016 Oct 3 [Epub ahead of print].
Smoking and the Movies
Smoking Cessation–Cancer Patients
Guimond A-J, Croteau VA, Savard M-H, Bernard P, Ivers H, Savard J. Predictors of smoking cessation and relapse in cancer patients and effect on psychological variables: an 18-month observational study. Annals of Behavioral Medicine 2016 Sep 26 [Epub ahead of print].
Smoking Cessation–Males
Bottorff JL, Oliffe JL, Sarbit G, Sharp P, Kelly MT. Smoke-free men: competing and connecting to quit. American Journal of Health Promotion 2016 Oct 5 [Epub ahead of print].
Smoking Cessation–Medical
Reid RD, Pritchard G, Walker K, Aitken D, Mullen K-A, Pipe AL. Managing smoking cessation. CMAJ 2016 Oct 3 [Epub ahead of print].
Tobacco Industry
Tobacco Industry–China
Fang J, Lee K, Sejpal N. The China National Tobacco Corporation: from domestic to global dragon? Global Public Health 2016 Oct 13;1-20.