Online Tools

OTRU data tools help researchers, students, and the tobacco control community to find tobacco-related indicators, sources of survey data, and commonly used survey questions.

The Tobacco Informatics Monitoring System (TIMS) gives easy access to 100’s of key tobacco control indicators related to prevention, protection, and cessation.

Chatter Box: A Glossary of Cigarette Packaging Design Elements describes the main textual, visual, and physical elements found on and inside the cigarette pack. It includes definitions of design elements and identifies some of the social functions these elements serve including culturally informed meanings and connotations.

The Directory of Public Use Data on Tobacco Use in Canada provides a comprehensive list of public use survey data on smoking and tobacco use and can help researchers and students in locating high quality Canadian data.

The Inventory of Questions from Population Surveys of Tobacco Use in Canada This searchable inventory of questions from population surveys in Canada was developed by the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit. Its purpose is to provide researchers with access to questions for survey development and to aid in the location of data sources. The inventory is not intended to use in replicating surveys. Researchers interested in obtaining access to a particular instrument are encouraged to contact the source directly.