OTRU evidence-based publications serve a variety of information needs:

  • OTRU Updates summarize highlights from recent research and evaluation findings.
  • Special Reports provide overviews and syntheses of research in special topic areas.
  • Strategy Monitoring Reports analyze the progress of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy and document changes in the province’s tobacco control climate.
  • Evaluation and Project Newsletters update communities on local tobacco use statistics and how local tobacco control initiatives are working.
  • Infographics visually present findings from OTRU studies

The most recent OTRU publications are listed below.

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Evaluation News: March 2016

Evaluation of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act Outdoor Smoking RegulationsEvaluation of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act Outdoor Smoking Regulations

Authors: Jolene Dubray, Alexa Minichiello, Robert Schwartz

Date: March 2016

In collaboration with public health units, OTRU conducted an evaluation of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act outdoor smoking regulations that banned smoking on restaurant/bar patios, playgrounds and sports fields effective January 1, 2015. Read more…

Other Recent Publications

RETRAC: Sharing Experiences and Knowledge Synthesis Update

In this edition of the RETRAC newsletter, we hear from a community Peer Researcher about their RETRAC experience; learn about a Māori smoking reduction/cessation program; speak with two guest Indigenous health researchers; and meet the new Manager of the Aboriginal Tobacco Program at Cancer Care Ontario. Read more…

RECIG Expert Panel: Study Conclusions and Policy Implications

This newsletter focuses on the results from the RECIG Expert Panel, an international and multidisciplinary meeting with experts in tobacco control. Key conclusions from the Expert Panel relate to the health effects of e-cigarettes, their effectiveness as a cessation aid and potential policy action ideas. Read more…

The Effects of Tobacco Control Mass Media Campaigns on the Cessation Behaviours of Ontario Smokers

Tobacco control mass media campaigns are a key element of comprehensive tobacco control strategies. Over the past decade, 94% of Ontario smokers were exposed to tobacco control mass media, general tobacco media stories, or pharmaceutical ads. Read more…