OTRU evidence-based publications serve a variety of information needs:

  • OTRU Updates summarize highlights from recent research and evaluation findings.
  • Special Reports provide overviews and syntheses of research in special topic areas.
  • Strategy Monitoring Reports analyze the progress of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy and document changes in the province’s tobacco control climate.
  • Evaluation Newsletters update communities on local tobacco use statistics and how local tobacco control initiatives are working.

The most recent OTRU publications are listed below.

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OTRU Update: June 2014

CCHS Data on Smoking Prevalence and Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Ontario: Provincial and Regional Estimates

Authors: OTRU
Date: June 2014

This update provides a brief overview of smoking prevalence and exposure to secondhand smoke in Ontario based on the findings of the recently released 2013 Canadian Community Health Survey. The last significant change in smoking prevalence was between 2008 and 2009 for the 12+ age group, and 2010-2011 for the 12-19 year age group. Smoking prevalence did not change from the previous year for either age group. Ontarians continue to have some exposure to secondhand smoke in public places, in vehicles and in homes. Exposure to secondhand smoke did not significantly change from the 2012 estimates. Read more…

Other Recent Publications

Knowledge & Evaluation Support Update (Volume 8 Number 1)

This newsletter is the first of a series of four from OTRU’s Knowledge and Evaluation Support Team for 2014-2015. It outlines OTRU’s knowledge and evaluation support services for Ontario’s Public Health Units, Tobacco Control Area Networks, and other tobacco Transfer Payment Agencies. The newsletter also highlights current projects and provides more details about some of the reports OTRU has recently completed through the project. Read more…

Evaluation of the Workplace-based Cessation Demonstration Projects Initiative (Volume 6 Number 2)

OTRU is working with participating public health units, workplace leaders and other key partners to evaluate workplace-based tobacco use cessation demonstration projects in the construction, mining, manufacturing, hospitality and service sectors. This newsletter, the second in this series, provides an update on the evaluation progress and summarizes preliminary findings and next steps. Read more…

Waterpipe Use in Ontario

As waterpipe use has increased around the world, it has become a growing public health concern. This update examines the latest population survey data about the prevalence of waterpipe use in Ontario, patterns of use, beliefs and attitudes about use and its relationship to use of other tobacco products. Read more…