OTRU evidence-based publications serve a variety of information needs:

  • OTRU Updates summarize highlights from recent research and evaluation findings.
  • Special Reports provide overviews and syntheses of research in special topic areas.
  • Strategy Monitoring Reports analyze the progress of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy and document changes in the province’s tobacco control climate.
  • Evaluation Newsletters update communities on local tobacco use statistics and how local tobacco control initiatives are working.

The most recent OTRU publications are listed below.

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Special Report: February 2015

What Effect Does Tobacco Taxation Have on Contraband? Debunking the Taxation – Contraband Tobacco Myth

Authors: Bo Zhang, Robert Schwartz
Date: February 2015

Research demonstrates that many factors are associated with contraband tobacco use, including: easy access, misconceptions about “legal” purchase of cigarettes from First Nations’ Reserves, insufficient enforcement and penalties, and organized criminal activity. It is frequently claimed that tobacco taxes cause smuggling. This report disputes the link between tobacco taxation and contraband using evidence from the literature, Ontario trend data on tobacco taxes, consumption, prevalence and contraband, and tax and price data in Canada, and critically reviews an earlier Fraser Institute Report. Read more…

Other Recent Publications

Smoking Cessation Interventions for Youth

The Smoking Cessation Interventions for Youth report explores the current state of knowledge about effective and promising interventions and practices in addressing smoking cessation among youth. Read more…

Introduction to RECIG: Research on E-Cigarettes

This first OTRU RECIG newsletter provides updates on three ongoing RECIG study components: an ongoing knowledge synthesis; a report of findings from the most recent Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey; and an upcoming social media analysis. Read more…

2014 Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy Monitoring Report

This report presents evaluative information about the activities and results of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy and describes Strategy infrastructure and interventions, analyzes population-level changes, and explores the contributions of interventions. Read more… Full Report | Executive Summary