OTRU evidence-based publications serve a variety of information needs:

  • OTRU Updates summarize highlights from recent research and evaluation findings.
  • Special Reports provide overviews and syntheses of research in special topic areas.
  • Strategy Monitoring Reports analyze the progress of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy and document changes in the province’s tobacco control climate.
  • Evaluation Newsletters update communities on local tobacco use statistics and how local tobacco control initiatives are working.

The most recent OTRU publications are listed below.

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OTRU Update: October 2014

Real World Effectiveness of Varenicline and Other Smoking Cessation Medications

Authors: Michael Chaiton, Lori Diemert, Susan Bondy, Joanna Cohen, Roberta Ferrence
Date: October 2014

There is strong evidence from randomized control trials that cessation medication can help people quit smoking; however, real world studies of smoking cessation aid effectiveness have shown mixed results. Using data from the Ontario Tobacco Survey, this update examines the real world effectiveness of varenicline in preventing relapse compared to the nicotine patch, gum, and bupropion among smokers in Ontario. Read more…

Other Recent Publications

OTRU Research on the Use and Impact of Electronic Cigarettes

Public debate abounds about e-cigarettes, their promotion, sale and use; concerns over youth uptake; the potential for renormalization of smoking; their effectiveness as a cessation aid; and their health impacts. Read more…

Knowledge & Evaluation Support Update (Volume 8 Number 2)

This newsletter is the second of a series of four from OTRU’s Knowledge and Evaluation Support Team for 2014-2015. It outlines OTRU’s knowledge and evaluation support services for Ontario’s Public Health Units, Tobacco Control Area Networks, and other tobacco Transfer Payment Agencies. Read more…

Tobacco Smoke Entering Homes in Multi-Unit Dwellings in Ontario

Exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) is a long standing public health issue. This update reviews the extent of reported exposure to SHS in multi-unit dwellings in Ontario and notes regional differences among the province’s seven Tobacco Control Area Networks (TCANs). Read more…