Prevention projects investigate trends and use of contraband products, the effect of pricing on the brand preferences of young people, new approaches to youth access policy compliance, the influence of student and school level characteristics on student tobacco use behaviour, predictors of tobacco use comorbilities among young adults, the factors related to the retail environment that influence health outcomes and options for reducing tobacco retail outlet density.

Current Prevention Projects

Cigarette Brands Smoked by Ontario Youth

Focus Areas: Youth, Contraband, Pricing

An exploration of patterns of cigarette use by Canadian youth to determine the role of price among various youth who smoke and their brand preferences including their use of contraband cigarettes.
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Creating Healthy Retail Environments

Focus Areas: Availability, Retail Environment, Policy

A literature review of current knowledge on how the retail environment influences population health outcomes and evaluates existing policy options for tobacco control.
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Estimating the Size of the Cigarette Contraband Market in Canada

Focus Areas: Contraband

An assessment of levels and trends in tobacco users’ consumption of contraband cigarettes and the size of the contraband market.
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Formative Evaluation of Risk-Based Enforcement Pilot

Focus Areas: Enforcement, Youth Access

An evaluation of new evidence-informed tobacco control enforcement approaches to youth access policy compliance.
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Identifying High-Risk School Environments for Tobacco Use

Focus Areas: Youth, Schools, Policies, Programs

An exploration of student- and school-level characteristics associated with student tobacco use and the impact of school-level programs and policies on student tobacco use behaviour.
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Intervention Research on the New Rapidly Unfolding Ontario Tobacco Strategy: Policy Window for a Population Health Model of Tobacco Retail Sales

Focus Areas: Availability, Outlet Density

An analysis and evaluation of options for reducing tobacco retail outlet density.
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Smoking Co-morbidities during the Transition from High School Post-Graduation: A Scoping Review

Focus Areas: Tobacco and Other Drugs, Mental Health

A scoping review of evidence on predictors of tobacco use co-morbidities, co-use of other substances, and co-morbid mental health problems among young adults during the transition from high school post-graduation.
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