Protection projects include an exploratory study of the physical and social exposure to smoking by adolescents and their impact on behaviour, a literature synthesis of the health effects of exposure to second smoke in outdoor settings and the impacts of outdoor smoking bans, a review of the evidence related to thirdhand smoke, studies looking at exposure and policies in home environments, and an observational study of waterpipe use.

Current Protection Projects

Outdoor Exposure to Secondhand Smoke: Health Effects and Economic Costs

Focus Areas: Exposure, Health Effects, Economics

A review of the literature to synthesize what is known about the health effects of exposure to secondhand smoke in outdoor settings, and the economic costs and impacts associated with outdoor smoking bans.
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Physical and Social Exposure to Smoking among Youth and Young Adults

Focus Areas: Youth, Young Adults, Social Exposure

A developmental project to explore creative methods of measuring the frequency and context of social exposure to smoking, and the relationship between social exposure and smoking attitudes and behaviours among adolescents.
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Putting Thirdhand Smoke on the Policy Agenda: An Expert Panel

Areas of Focus: Third Hand Smoke, Policies

An international, multidisciplinary expert panel to review evidence on thirdhand smoke (THS).
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Smoke-Free Affordable Housing in Canada: Promoting Health and Health Equity

Focus Areas: Homes, Multi-Unit Dwellings, Exposure

An investigation of the impact of Canadian residential tenancy legislation and policy approaches on the implementation of smoke-free policies in affordable housing, the experiences and behaviours of residents, and levels of SHS exposure.
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Smoke-Free Homes and Asthma Pilot Intervention Study

Focus Areas: Homes, Cars, Motivational Interviewing, Coaching, Asthma

A pilot intervention to assess the effectiveness of an initiative to promote smoke-free homes among Ontario families.
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Waterpipe Use in Toronto Canada

Focus Areas: Hookah, Waterpipe, Exposure

An observational study to learn more about exposure levels to toxic constituents of waterpipe in various public venues, and the context of use.
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