Knowledge & Evaluation Support

OTRU responds to the knowledge needs, evaluation and research requests from Ontario’s Public Health Units (PHUs), Tobacco Control Area Networks (TCANs), and other tobacco Transfer Payment Agencies (TPAs).

Our Activities

We provide service to our stakeholders by:

  • Supporting TCAN and PHU planning activities, including providing input on prioritizing their evaluation and measurement need
  • Responding to questions about general research and evaluation approaches (e.g., suggestions for evaluating innovative initiatives, narrowing research questions, design, sample, data collection methods)
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on research and evaluation plans and protocols
  • Supporting development of data collection tools (e.g., survey questions, interview guides and focus group discussions)
  • Assisting in data collection, analysis and interpretation
  • Conducting literature syntheses on a variety of topics
  • Providing feedback on ethics protocols and applications

To help improve provincial coordination of tobacco control evaluation and knowledge generation efforts, we also identify collaborative opportunities among TCANs, PHUs and TPAs.

You can find examples of recent projects in our Knowledge and Evaluation Support Newsletters.

Looking for Help?

Contact us by phone, email or through our evaluation request form.

  • Fill out our Knowledge & Evaluation Support Request Form. It is a brief survey that helps OTRU to better understand your research needs, and the scope and anticipated timelines of your project. OTRU also receives requests through our Knowledge Exchange Advisory Group.
What Happens When a Request for Support is Submitted?

OTRU specialists will review your request for support and contact you for any additional information. OTRU staff determines if the request falls within our project mandate. The request is then prioritized, and assigned to a team member.

How Long does the Support Process Take?

Requests are reviewed as they are received and contact is made with the requesting organization within a week.