Resource Centre

OTRU’s resources include a variety of materials to help serve the needs of the tobacco control community and our partners in the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy.

The OTRU online library houses over 10,000 citations related to smoking and tobacco. The collection consists of OTRU publications, journal articles, grey literature, books and reports. Wherever possible, links are provided to full text articles and reports. (Borrowing privileges for books and grey literature is limited to OTRU staff).

Our monthly Current Abstracts on Tobacco Control series provides an electronic list of selected new journal articles and reports on tobacco topics, with an emphasis on Canadian authors and research. Links to the abstracts are provided, with access to full text wherever possible. All Current Abstract entries have been integrated into the online library collection.

Reading Lists provide a brief selection of journal articles, online reports and other web-based material on hot topics in tobacco control. While our lists are not intended to be comprehensive, they offer an introduction to work in specific tobacco control topics and they will be updated periodically as new literature becomes available.

OTRU highlights our research and evaluation findings through a webinar series in partnership with the Provincial Training and Consultation Centre. Current webinars can be found on the Events page, while past webinars are available to view again.