Current Abstracts on Tobacco

January 2015

The following is a monthly list of selected journal articles and reports on tobacco topics, with an emphasis on Canadian authors and research.  Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. We try to choose titles of interest to our tobacco control network, but we realize that there are many relevant articles that are not listed. For other material please browse or search our library catalogue at http://library.otru.org.

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Cessation – Nicotine Metabolism

Lerman C, Schnoll RA, Hawk LW Jr, Cinciripini P, George TP, Wileyto EP, et al.
Use of the nicotine metabolite ratio as a genetically informed biomarker of response to nicotine patch or varenicline for smoking cessation: A randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled trial. Lancet Respiratory Medicine 2015 Jan 11 [Epub ahead of print]. Canadian flag denotes Canadian Content

Cessation – Pharmacotherapy

Kaduri P, Voci S, Zawertailo L, Chaiton M, McKenzie K, Selby P.
Real-world effectiveness of varenicline versus nicotine replacement therapy in patients with and without psychiatric disorders. Journal of Addiction Medicine 2015 Jan 22 [Epub ahead of print]. Canadian flag denotes Canadian Content

Cessation – Quitlines

Puckett M, Neri A, Thompson T, Underwood JM, Momin B, Kahende J, et al.
Tobacco cessation among users of telephone and web-based interventions – Four states, 2011-2012. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 2015 Jan 2;63(51):1217-1221. freeicon

Cigarette Package Warning Labels

Haines-Saah RJ, Bell K, Dennis S.
A qualitative content analysis of cigarette health warning labels in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. American Journal of Public Health 2015 Feb;105(2):e61-e69. Canadian flag denotes Canadian Content

Newman-Norlund RD, Thrasher JF, Fridriksson J, Brixius W, Froeliger B, Hammond D, et al.
Neural biomarkers for assessing different types of imagery in pictorial health warning labels for cigarette packaging: A cross-sectional study. BMJ Open 2014 Dec 31;4(12):e006411. canadaflagfree

Electronic Cigarettes

Brandon TH, Goniewicz ML, Hanna NH, Hatsukami DK, Herbst RS, Hobin JA, et al.
Electronic nicotine delivery systems: A policy statement from the American Association for Cancer Research and the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2015 Jan 8 [Epub ahead of print]. freeicon

Giovenco DP, Hammond D, Corey CG, Ambrose BK, Delnevo CD.
E-cigarette market trends in traditional US retail channels, 2012-2013. Nicotine and Tobacco Research 2014 Dec 26 [Epub ahead of print]. Canadian flag denotes Canadian Content

Rutten LJ, Blake KD, Agunwamba AA, Grana RA, Wilson PM, Ebbert JO, et al.
Use of e-cigarettes among current smokers: Associations among reasons for use, quit intentions, and current tobacco use. Nicotine and Tobacco Research 2015 Jan 14 [Epub ahead of print].

Wu Q, Jiang D, Minor M, Chu, HW.
Electronic cigarette liquid increases inflammation and virus infection in primary human airway epithelial cells. PLoS One 2014 Sep;9(9):e108342. freeicon

Health Effects

Ilie G, Adlaf EM, Mann RE, Ialomiteanu A, Hamilton H, Rehm J, Asbridge M, Cusimano MD.
Associations between a history of traumatic brain injuries and current cigarette smoking, cannabis use, nonmedical opioid use, and elevated psychological distress in a population sample of Canadian adults. Journal of Neurotrauma 2014 Dec 11 [Epub ahead of print]. Canadian flag denotes Canadian Content

Mental Health – Depression

Zawertailo L, Voci S, Selby P.
Depression status as a predictor of quit success in a real-world effectiveness study of nicotine replacement therapy. Psychiatry Research 2014 Dec 24 [Epub ahead of print]. Canadian flag denotes Canadian Content

Secondhand Smoke – Multiunit Housing

Snyder K, Vick JH, King BA.
Smoke-free multiunit housing: A review of the scientific literature. Tobacco Control 2015 Jan 7 [Epub ahead of print].

Tobacco Products – Availability

Cantrell J, Anesetti-Rothermel A, Pearson JL, Xiao H, Vallone D, Kirchner TR.
The impact of the tobacco retail outlet environment on adult cessation and differences by neighbourhood poverty. Addiction 2015 Jan;110(1):152-161.

Chaiton M, Mecredy G, Rehm J, Samokhvalov AV.
Tobacco retail availability and smoking behaviours among patients seeking treatment at a nicotine dependence clinic. Tobacco Induced Diseases 2014 Dec;12:19. canadaflagfree

Tobacco Products – Packaging

British Heart Foundation and the ITC Project.
Standardised Packaging for Tobacco Products: Recent Evidence from Australia and United Kingdom. December 2014. canadaflagfree

World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe.
Evidence Brief: Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products: Measures to Decrease Smoking Initiation and Increase Cessation. Copenhagen, Denmark: WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2014. freeicon

Young Adults

Baskerville NB, Struik LL, Hammond D, Guindon GE, Norman CD, Whittaker R, Burns CM, Grindrod KA, Brown KS.
Effect of a mobile phone intervention on quitting smoking in a young adult population of smokers: Randomized controlled trial study protocol. JMIR Research Protocols 2015 Jan 19;4(1):e10. canadaflagfree

Villanti AC, Pearson JL, Cantrell J, Vallone DM, Rath JM.
Patterns of combustible tobacco use in U.S. young adults and potential response to graphic cigarette health warning labels. Addictive Behaviors 2015 Mar;42:119-125.

Youth – Genetic Aspects

O’Loughlin J, Sylvestre MP, Labbe A, Low NC, Roy-Gagnon MH, Dugas EN, Karp I, et al.
Genetic variants and early cigarette smoking and nicotine dependence phenotypes in adolescents. PloS One 2014 Dec 29;9(12):1-17canadaflagfree

Youth – Risk Perception

Amrock SM, Weitzman M.
Adolescents’ perceptions of light and intermittent smoking in the United States. Pediatrics 2015 Jan 12 [Epub ahead of print].  freeicon