February 2018 Current Abstracts on Tobacco

The following is a monthly list of selected journal articles and reports on tobacco topics. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. We try to choose titles of interest to our tobacco control network, but we realize that there are many relevant articles that are not listed.

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Hot Topics

Ruth Malone argues in an editorial in Tobacco Control that Philip Morris and other tobacco companies need regulatory help to stop selling cigarettes. Olmedo and colleagues find that metallic coils in e-cigarettes are leading to increases metal concentrations in e-cigarette vapour. US government researchers find that cigars and pipe tobacco use led to increased risks of death.


Olmedo P, Goessler W, Tanda S, Grau-Perez M, Jarmul S, Aherrera A, et al. Metal concentrations in e-cigarette liquid and aerosol samples: The contribution of metallic coils. Environmental Health Perspectives 2018 Feb 21;126(2). freeicon


Malone RE. “Stop me before I kill again”: why Philip Morris International needs governments’ help to quit smoking, and why governments need more pressure to do so. Tobacco Control 2018 Mar 1;27(2):121-2. freeicon

Tobacco Products—Mortality

Christensen CH, Rostron B, Cosgrove C, Altekruse SF, Hartman AM, Gibson JT, et al. Association of cigarette, cigar, and pipe use with mortality risk in the US population. JAMA Internal Medicine 2018 Feb 19 [Epub ahead of print].



Small S, Porr C, Swab M, Murray C. Experiences and cessation needs of Indigenous women who smoke during pregnancy. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports 2018 Feb;16(2):385-452.


Rosen LJ, Galili T, Kott J, Goodman M, Freedman LS. Diminishing benefit of smoking cessation medications during the first year: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Addiction 2018 Jan 29 [Epub ahead of print].

Prevention—Family Based

Thomas RE, Baker P, Thomas BC. Update on family-based interventions to prevent children and adolescents using tobacco. Academic Pediatrics 2018 Feb 8 [Epub ahead of print].


Behbod B, Sharma M, Baxi R, Roseby R, Webster P. Family and carer smoking control programmes for reducing children’s exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2018 Jan 31;1:CD001746.

Tobacco Control—Methodology

Regmi K, Kaphle D, Timilsina S, Tuha NAA. Application of discrete-choice experiment methods in tobacco control: A systematic review. PharmacoEconomics – Open 2018 Mar 25;2(1):5-17.

Recent Work by Canadian Researchers Canadian flag denotes Canadian Content

Cessation—Alcohol Use

Minian N, Noormohamed A, Zawertailo L, Baliunas D, Giesbrecht N, Le Foll B, et al. A method for co-creation of an evidence-based patient workbook to address alcohol use when quitting smoking in primary care: a case study. Research Involvement and Engagement 2018 Dec 5;4(1):4. freeicon


De Jesus S, Prapavessis H. Affect and cortisol mechanisms through which acute exercise attenuates cigarette cravings during a temporary quit attempt. Addictive Behaviors 2018 May 11;80:82-8.

De Jesus S, Prapavessis H. Smoking behaviour and sensations during the pre-quit period of an exercise-aided smoking cessation intervention. Addictive Behaviors 2018 Jun 15;81:143-9.


Duncan LR, Hieftje KD, Pendergrass TM, Sawyer BG, Fiellin LE. Preliminary investigation of a videogame prototype for cigarette and marijuana prevention in adolescents. Substance Abuse 2018 Feb 9. [Epub ahead of print].

Tobacco Control—Global Health

Muñoz Martínez H, Pederson A. Global frameworks, local strategies: Women’s rights, health, and the tobacco control movement in Argentina. Global Public Health 2018 Feb 23;1-11.