June 2017 Current Abstracts on Tobacco

The following is a monthly list of selected journal articles and reports on tobacco topics. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. We try to choose titles of interest to our tobacco control network, but we realize that there are many relevant articles that are not listed.

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Health Insurance

Schwartz R, Haji F, Babayan A, Longo C, Ferrence R. Public health policy in support of insurance coverage for smoking cessation treatments. Healthcare Policy 2017 May;12(4):56-68.

Hot Topics

A CDC report found that the prevalence among middle and high school students of smoking cigarettes had fallen 17% from 2015 to 2016 along with a decline in e-cigarette use. An ITC China report found limited progress of tobacco control in China with more than half of smokers saying that they have no intention to quit.


Jamal A. Tobacco use among middle and high school students—United States, 2011-2016. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 2017 June 16; 66(23):597-603. freeicon

Tobacco Use—China

ITC Project and Tobacco Control Office, China CDC. ITC China Executive Summary Report: Findings from the Wave 1 to 5 Surveys (2006-2015). University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and Tobacco Control Office, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing, China,  May 2017. freeicon



Prestwich A, Moore S, Kotze A, Budworth L, Lawton R, Kellar I. How can smoking cessation be induced before surgery? A systematic review and meta-analysis of behavior change techniques and other intervention characteristics. Frontiers in Psychology 2017 Jun 7;8:915. freeicon

Family Based Interventions—Prevention

Brown N, Luckett T, Davidson PM, DiGiacomo M. Family-focussed interventions to reduce harm from smoking in primary school-aged children: a systematic review of evaluative studies. Preventive Medicine 2017 Aug 7;101:117-25.


Hefler M, Liberato SC, Thomas DP. Incentives for preventing smoking in children and adolescents. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2017 Jun 6;6:CD008645.

Mass Media—Prevention

Brinn MP, Carson K V, Esterman AJ, Chang AB, Smith BJ. Mass media interventions for preventing smoking in young people. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2017 Jun 6;6(11):CD001006.

Recent Work by Canadian Researchers Canadian flag denotes Canadian Content


McHugh SM, Eisenberg N, Montbriand J, Roche-Nagle G. Smoking cessation rates amongst patients undergoing vascular surgery in a Canadian center. Annals of Vascular Surgery 2017 Jun 21 [Epub ahead of print].

Cigarette Constituents—TSNA

Czoli CD, Hammond D. Trends over time in tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) in whole tobacco and smoke emissions from cigarettes sold in Canada. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 2017 Jun 8 [Epub ahead of print].


Montreuil A, MacDonald M, Asbridge M, Wild TC, Hammond D, Manske S, et al. Prevalence and correlates of electronic cigarette use among Canadian students: cross-sectional findings from the 2014/15 Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey. CMAJ Open 2017 Jun 14;5(2):E460-7. freeicon

Health Messages—Eye Diseases

Brûlé J, Tousignant B, Marcotte S, Moreau M-C. Smoking and the eye: what Québec teenagers know and fear. Clinical & Experimental Optometry 2017 Jun 14; [Epub ahead of print].

Health Warning Labels

Swayampakala K, Thrasher JF, Yong H-H, Nagelhout GE, Li L, Borland R, et al. Over-time impacts of pictorial health warning labels and their differences across smoker subgroups: results from adult smokers in Canada and Australia. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 2017 Jun 16 [Epub ahead of print].

Mass Media

Wehbe MS, Basil M, Basil D. Reactance and coping responses to tobacco counter-advertisements. Journal of Health Communication 2017 Jun 6;1-8 [Epub ahead of print].

Taxes—Youth Smoking

Manivong P, Harper S, Strumpf E. The contribution of excise cigarette taxes on the decline in youth smoking in Canada during the time of the Federal Tobacco Control Strategy (2002-2012). Canadian Journal of Public Health 2017 Jun 16;108(2):e117-23. freeicon