Cessation Module

Cessation Module

The Cessation module deals with the complexities of quitting smoking, the roles that nicotine addiction and motivation play in the quitting process, and the best practices and proven programs for cessation.

You’ll Learn About

  • The prevalence of smoking and quitting in Canada
  • How nicotine addiction, genetics, and behaviour impact the complex process of cessation
  • Population approaches designed to influence quitting at a societal level, e.g., taxation and package warnings
  • Approaches designed to help smokers quit, including both non-pharmacological and pharmacological methods
  • Smoking cessation initiatives aimed at different age groups and high-risk groups in Canada
  • The tobacco industry’s position on cessation
  • New directions for cessation, including discussion about harm reduction

What’s Inside

  1. Getting Started
    • Objectives
    • Module background information
    • Multiple-choice pre-test
  2. Understanding Smoking Cessation
    • Smoking and cessation in Canada
    • Factors that make quitting difficult
    • Quitting is a process
  3. Smoking Cessation Interventions
    • Approaches to smoking cessation
    • Population approaches
    • Individual approaches
  4. Canadian Cessation Initiatives
    • Overview of cessation initiatives
    • Hardcore smokers
    • Cessation by age group
    • Cessation in sub-populations
  5. Opposition to Cessation
    • Understanding the tobacco industry
    • Obstruction and distraction
    • Quitting is a process
  6. New Directions for Cessation
    • Harm reduction
    • Enhancing cessation efforts
    • Quitting is a process
  7. Module Wrap-up
    • Module summary
    • Final multiple-choice test
    • Feedback survey