Prevention Module

Prevention Module

The Prevention module addresses factors associated with youth smoking uptake and prevention approaches in Canada. The module looks into why many young people smoke, when they know it’s harmful.

You’ll Learn About

  • The process of becoming a smoker, from initiation to addiction
  • Psychosocial factors that influence experimentation with tobacco
  • Marketing activities that influence tobacco use, including advertising, retail displays, and pricing
  • Major prevention interventions undertaken over the past decades and research about their effectiveness
  • Specific prevention activities in Canada, such as legislation, community programs, and advocacy campaigns
  • Actions taken by tobacco companies and their allies to oppose prevention interventions
  • New directions for prevention interventions

What’s Inside

  1. Getting Started
    • Objectives
    • Module background information
    • Multiple-choice pre-test
  2. Understanding Smoking Initiation
    • Smoking initiation patterns
    • Smoking onset and progression
    • Alternative tobacco products
    • Influences on youth smoking
    • Risk factors, marketing
    • Price, contraband
  3. Prevention Interventions
    • Introduction to prevention
    • Youth-led interventions
    • Education
    • Tobacco promotion restrictions
    • Tax policies
    • Youth access interventions
    • Tobacco industry denormalization (TID)
    • Smokefree environments
  4. Prevention in Canada
    • Policies and legislation
    • Programs and resources
  5. Opposition to Prevention
    • The real prevention opponents
    • Opposition to ad bans, tax increases, and package warnings
  6. New Directions for Prevention
    • Recent initiatives
    • Potential interventions
  7. Module Wrap-up
    • Module summary
    • Final multiple-choice test
    • Feedback survey