Protection Module

Protection Module

The Protection module details what is currently known about secondhand smoke, its effects on people’s health, and what Canada is doing to create smokefree environments.

You’ll Learn About

  • Characteristics of secondhand smoke
  • Features of smokefree environments
  • Harmful substances in secondhand smoke
  • Health impacts of secondhand smoke
  • Smokefree environment initiatives in Canada, including policies, legislation, programs and resources
  • Tobacco industry opposition to smokefree environments
  • Efforts to counter opposition
  • Future directions for achieving more smokefree environments

What’s Inside

  1. Getting Started
    • Objectives
    • Module background information
    • Multiple-choice pre-test
  2. Secondhand Smoke is Harmful
    • Understanding secondhand smoke
    • Impact on health and society
  3. Smokefree Strategies
    • A smokefree society
    • Legislation is key
    • Effective smokefree legislation
    • Successful campaigns
    • The exemption issue
  4. Opposition to Smokefree Strategies
    • Opposition to the legislation
    • Industry tactics
    • Front groups and allies
  5. Opposing Arguments and Responses
    • Dealing with industry strategies
  6. Toward a Smokefree Society
    • Private spaces and SHS (homes, multi-unit dwellings)
    • Smokefree hospitals
    • Outdoor spaces
    • Smoking status and hiring
  7. Module Wrap-up
    • Module summary
    • Final multiple-choice test
    • Feedback survey