Youth and Young Adult Vaping in Canada


Lori Diemert, Robert Schwartz, Shawn O’Connor


October 2018

Type of Report

Project Newsletter


As part of the Health System Research Fund, OTRU’s Research on E-Cigarettes and Waterpipe (RECIG-WP) grant has established a Youth and Young Adult Panel Study to help understand what happens over time to young people who vape. In March 2018, 1049 Canadian youth and young adults were recruited from social media and a recontact list from the Leave the Pack Behind initiative. Study participants are being contacted over eighteen months. By design, almost 60% of respondents were regular vapers (those vaping at least weekly in the past four weeks); 26% were non-regular vapers and 17% were never vapers. At baseline, 88% of Canadian youth and young adults reported social exposure to vaping in the past 7 days, with regular vapers more frequently exposed than non-regular vapers. Regular vapers were also more likely to be current cigarette smokers, and use cannabis, alcohol and waterpipe. Longitudinal data will soon begin to provide a picture of how regular and non-regular young vapers progress over time

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