Gender Differences in Use of Smoking Cessation Services and Resources


Bo Zhang, Michael Chaiton, Robert Schwartz


July 2018

Type of Report

Project Newsletter


Using baseline data from Smokers’ Panel, this study explored gender differences in the use of smoking cessation services and resources. The study found that female smokers were more likely to use the nicotine patch, varenicline, Smokers’ Helpline phone and online programs, self-help materials and alternative methods, as well as a combination of these services/resources when trying to quit or reduce smoking. Health professionals should leverage this willingness of female smokers to accept assistance and routinely provide specific but strategic advice and pharmacotherapy to help them quit smoking. More research is needed to understand how programs and services can target males to increase the likelihood of them utilizing these programs. Smokers’ Panel is an ongoing online survey of Ontario adult smokers and recent quitters administered by OTRU.