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Searchable Database of Questionnaire Items from Population Surveys of Tobacco Use in Canada

The searchable inventory of questionnaire items from Canadian surveys on tobacco use provides researchers and program evaluators with reliable and valid survey questions. By employing items that have been used in other surveys, researchers can develop questionnaires that allow comparisons with other jurisdictions, or across time. The inventory  contains over 3700 tobacco related questions gathered from over 95 national, provincial and local surveys conducted between 1951 and 2013.

Users are able to search for questionnaire items by entering multiple search criteria into the drop-down menus (i.e. topic, survey title, and survey year). Questionnaire items can also be searched by entering keywords or phrases into the search box. A customized report is easily generated by marking selected questionnaire items. This report can be viewed, printed or saved as a word document.

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Directory of Public Use Data on Tobacco Use in Canada

This directory is designed to help researchers and students locate Canadian data sets on smoking and tobacco use by providing a comprehensive list of survey data sets available for public use.

The first section of the directory provides an overview of places where researchers may obtain datasets. The second section contains an alphabetized listing of 64 surveys that contain data on some aspect of tobacco use. Detailed information about each individual data set and how to access it is presented under the following headings:

  • the location of the data set
  • a brief description of the survey
  • a bibliography of tobacco related reports/publications associated with the survey or data
  • technical information about the survey
  • the costs of obtaining data and/or reports
  • contact information
  • any restrictions on the use of the data (such as licensing agreements)

This directory will be useful to those who want to access micro data files for their research or work.

Download the Directory of Public Use Data on Tobacco Use in Canada (PDF, updated August 2015)